miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

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Is there sound in dreams, is there movement in dreams, is there wonderment in dreams? I don’t have the answers to these questions, but the band Oikos answers them in their music. This Spanish duo of David San Martín and Rafael Femiano recorded Ecotono, released by Utech Records this year, and the album is majestic & stellar. Each song is a journey in sound; they are constantly moving & unfolding into different spheres of reality. Oikos’ music evokes enchantment & a sense of upliftment. This band uses shimmering tones & magical drones to speak to your imagination instead of words, & honestly when listening to them I never even realize that there are no words. They create the building blocks of daydreams & travel beyond just this psychic existence. Oikos is very powerful in their own right – at first you might think that this music is light, but that is deceiving, because when you really let this band into your world you will realize how heavy they are. Do your inner being a favor, & allow Oikos into your life! After the jump, check out their artwork up close, plus details about the Utech Records Music Fest coming up.


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