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OIKOS- Vigilia
TAPE limited to 100 copies


In OIKOS you can find Rafael Femiano, he forms this project of experimental music that started in Madrid 2007. They got noticed and then known by the American label Utech Records that released their first record.
VIGILIA is OIKOS’s debut album with Knockturne; it features three new themes that are ground breaking within this new alignment. Silence and solemn atmospheres acquire bigger meaning and flow when combined with new elements like the acoustic guitars, string arrangements and field recordings. ... os-vigilia

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Oikos - Coagvla from Agartthacave on Vimeo.
LOD 032: OIKOS "Solve Et Coagvla"

"SOLVE ET COAGVLA" is the new OIKOS tape. It's released via Land of Decay and includes early recordings properly re-arranged and mixed to grow into new tracks. Artwork by Terence Hannum (Locrian). Mastered by Andy Lippoldt. Please, take a listen to "Omniscience" that features amazing guitar work from Locrian member and LOD co-founder André Foisy.  

c60 / Green Ink on Gray Shell / Full color j-card in clear cassette shell.




martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

Oikos en concierto

OIKOS + Totentanz dj

25 de Marzo, 19h. Entrada gratuita.
El Gato Verde (C/Torrecilla del Leal)

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2011... and some lists

2011 has been a great year for Oikos. "Ecotono" has been a work which we are very proud. Thanks to Utech Records for making this possible and thanks to all of you who have supported us. 
Here are some lists featuring "Ecotono" as top album of the year. Many thanks to Indie Rock Mag, André, Terence and Jaime...
INDIE ROCK MAG: 11 Albums Drone/Ambient
7. Oikos - Ecotono
"Le duo espagnol nous révèle sur ce premier long format en solo (un duo en solo... hum, vous suivez ?) la facette la plus introspective du label Utech, préférant aux évocations crépusculaires de Locrian, à la tension fantomatique d’Ural Umbo ou au black metal épuré d’Horseback les pulsations d’un drone certes massif voire parfois inquiétant (cf. Red Forest ou Treshold) mais parsemé de bribes mélodiques tirées d’une guitare à la reverb solaire. Un album envoûtant dont Leoluce vous éclairera mieux que moi les innombrables recoins au fil d’une chronique à parcourir ici."


1. Vic Chesnutt "At The Cut" [not from this year, but something that I got into this year] (Constellation)
2. Jon Mueller "Alphabet of Movements" (Type)
3. Servile Sect "Trvth" (Handmade Birds)
4. Oikos "Ecotono" (Utech Records)
5. Ililta "New Ethiopian Dance Music" Compilation (Konkurrent)


Tim Hecker – Ravedeath, 1972 2xLP – (Kranky)
Trepaneringsritualen – Martyrium CS – (Small Doses)
Stephan Mathieu  – A Static Place CD – (12k)
Skin Graft – Dystrophy CD – (Hanson)
Mark Hollis – Mark Hollis LP – (Ba Da Bing)
Eleh – Floating Frequencies 3xCD – (Important)
Anatomy of Habit LP
Grinning Death’s Head – Black Sun Rising CS – (Youth Attack)
Nihilist – Carnal Leftovers LP+7″ – (Southern Lord)
Oikos – Ecotono CD – (Utech)

JAMIE LAWSON (ART DESIGNER): Top 11 albums of 2011